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Support Partners
  • Paper Proofs up to 52” wide by any length
  • Clear Overlays up to 52” wide by any length
  • Contract Proofs up to 52” wide by any length
  • Prototypes up to 30” wide by any length
  • Plate Resolutions up to 4000 dpi
  • 200 lpi
  • Multiple Plate Screening
  • Cell Pattern
  • Samba (Stochastic)
  • ESKO CDI 3540 35” x 45”
  • ESKO CDI 5080 50” x 80”
  • FAST Thermal Processing  up to 35” x 45”
  • Solvent up to 50” x 80”
  • ESKO
  • GMG
  • DuPont
  • X-Rite
  • FTA
  • Pitman


Launching new products has become much easier using the comps made at Flex. Their comps are seriously the best we've seen! Awesome job Flex!

Trash Co
John Funk, CEO
What's the biz?
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Here too!

We work with Flex Pre-Press because of their experience, their can-do attitude, and their dependable products. We look forward to a continuing and growing relationship with Flex!

Mark L. Foote
Packaging Partners, Ltd.
Flex Prepress has become a very reliable and valued vendor to the Sprecher Brewing Company that we would highly recommend working with! Not only has everyone at Flex been highly knowledgeable and professional but also help us meet our financial goals on projects as well as our tight timing with outstanding quality work.

Krista A. Fornear/ Graphic Artist
Sprecher Brewing Co., Inc
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